Ponedeljek, 27 Sep 2021
Preregistration extended

IMG 20140309_164826New registration deadline is set to 15th March thereafter late entry surcharge of 30% will apply.

As there was lot of training inquiries at dates around the regatta, organizers made special agreement with marina to offer free berths prior to the regatta starting from 24th March to every crew staying in marinas apartment (praces same as in NOR).

If you plan to leave the boat in Portorož after regatta (until Europeans) you get 50% discount with marina's services (230,00 x 50% off = 115,00€ for one month at shore dock) and if you plan to do some training (70,00 x 50% off = 35,00€ for one crane operation).

There will also be 2 days monocup regatta  12-13th April which must be interesting to all the crews willing to leave their boats in Portorož.

We're having really nice and worm weather in Slovenia with great long range weather forecast.